• People need to work in order to make a living, but in doing so, they face a staggering number of potential health and safety hazards. Many of these dangers are obvious, such as burns, falls, and vehicle collisions, but there are also a large variety......

  • It’s common to have a number of both professional and personal tasks that must be done every day for success. Regardless of whether you have schoolwork to complete or you are a professional with a career, you will have daily tasks that must be completed......

  • For many, work makes up a large portion of day-to-day life. While in the office, potential hazards and threats exist, from natural disasters to crime or injuries. Although these things can occur during one’s off time, most people are prepared to some degree and have......


Premiums are calculated from actual payroll. When payroll goes down, billing goes down.

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No Deposit!

Workers’ Comp premiums are collected with pay. Eliminates the need for an upfront deposit.

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Cash Back!

Receive 15% or more of premium cash back for no or low losses.

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Competitive Rates!

Our programs consistently save clients an average of 20% or more on their workers’ compensation rates.