Why We Lead the Industry

With over 35 years experience AMS Programs (Alternative Market Services) Is the leading wholesaler for PEO workers’ compensation programs.

About AMS Programs: An Innovative PEO Solution

We understand the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, and our programs were inspired by identifying the ways in which PEO services and insurance could help maximize growth for small to medium-sized businesses.


AMS Programs, was created by Stephen Martino in 1999. Martino was working in the high-tech manufacturing industry, managing around 300 employees, when he was introduced to PEO services. He was struck by the ways their employee leasing company was able to help his business, so much so that he decided to change careers.


“I like the fact that [PEO services] helped how small business services and insurance were delivered to small to medium clients,” he says. “I believe small to medium businesses are the backbone of our economy and in great need of assistance. It just makes sense long-term.”


Martino created his own brokerage representing multiple types of bundled products; employee leasing, staffing companies, PEOs, ASOs, which eventually became AMS Programs. His work in the technology industry taught him how to react quickly to changing markets. Today, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve and areas in which we can innovate to provide brokers and their clients with new business solutions.

A Knowledgeable Partner for Increased Offerings and Opportunity

Brokers know that the way to stand out is to offer their clients a PEO insurance solution that is transparent, economical, and flexible. However, the choices can often all blur together … until you offer your clients bundled packages from AMS Programs. Partnering with AMS Programs provides brokers the options and confidence of working with a knowledgeable PEO wholesaler with the ability to navigate the nuances of the industry that, if not aware, can cause unfavorable consequences for clients.


The most prominent benefit that AMS Programs can offer brokers and their clients is savings: Our pay-as-you-go billing plan eliminates large premium deposits and installment payments. Clients can maximize cash flow because premiums are based on real payroll, not estimates. AMS Programs has ample experience working with clients that have a high hazard class and we won’t turn a broker away based on a client’s high experience modifiers.


Outsourced PEO Solutions for Small to Medium-Sized Clients

An employee leasing company can boost a client’s growth by seven to nine percent, while freeing up valuable time and attention. When companies use an outsourced PEO solution, employees are co-employed by the client and the PEO, allowing the PEO to negotiate the very best rates for clients. This is a game-changing solution for your clients who own small to medium-sized businesses. We know that smaller companies are often stretched thin, and that’s where a PEO can step in to help. A PEO will provide instant HR infrastructure support to the client’s existing personnel who are already busy performing many other different roles.


AMS Programs typically allows brokers to save clients 20-30% off of their rates with our aggressive pricing with little or no deposit. It’s no wonder, then, that AMS Programs excels in the PEO insurance industry, and it shows in our retention rates, which top 90%, the best in the industry.

Integrated Workers` Compensation – iCOMP


Premiums are calculated from actual payroll. When payroll goes down, billing goes down.

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No Deposit!

Workers’ Comp premiums are collected with pay. Eliminates the need for an upfront deposit.

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Cash Back!

Receive 15% or more of premium cash back for no or low losses.

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Competitive Rates!

Our programs consistently save clients an average of 20% or more on their workers’ compensation rates.