Cash Back Premium Return

Business owners work hard to make their business safe for their employees.


Those efforts can earn them cash back.


Clients enrolled in one of our programs may have the opportunity to earn a cash safety rebate of up to 30% of their paid in premium by maintaining a safe workplace and keeping their losses low.


Policyholders who meet the following criteria qualify for a cash safety rebate: The client must be in the program for at least one (1) full year and have no or low losses, usually below a 20-30% loss ratio. Pay out is very quick, for example, for a policy start date of May 1st 2012 that expires May 1st 2013 a cash safety rebate could be paid out as soon as July 1st 2013 unlike normal dividend programs you get your cash much quicker.


In simple terms: if a clients has low or no losses they get cash back quickly and it could be up to 30% of the paid in premium!


Our programs offer a variety of services and materials that can help to get that cash back to clients by working with them on their safety compliance, claims investigation and return to work programs.


Premiums are calculated from actual payroll. When payroll goes down, billing goes down.

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No Deposit!

Workers’ Comp premiums are collected with pay. Eliminates the need for an upfront deposit.

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Cash Back!

Receive 15% or more of premium cash back for no or low losses.

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Competitive Rates!

Our programs consistently save clients an average of 20% or more on their workers’ compensation rates.